mandag den 30. september 2013

Major milestones


We no longer have children that requires diapers. Nor any medicine to keep anything going the way it should.

But we do have a slightly cranky boy who is reluctantly showing us his rabbit tattoo? That face is one of his standard looks, by the way. It is normally followed by a loud "Nooo"!

But the rest of the time he is cute and cuddly and not quite too old ftor his mum kissing him silly!

And someone learned how to bike. One minute he was trying to climb the bike, which looked rather dangerous. The next minute (and 2 meters further along) he asked me to let go of the bike. I muttered to myself, "yeah, that is going to work really well" and I stood back waiting for the loud crash. And wondering how fast I could get our first-aid kit upstairs.

But no, the kid could bike! So off he went.

He just hadn't learned to brake yet.

But he appears to be some sort of ninja in training, so he has managed not to get a single scrape on the account yet.

Here he is doing "edible play dough" aka sugar paste for cake decorating. He loves it. All the colors and all - and the fact that he can eat it in the end makes it perfect for him.

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