mandag den 12. august 2013

Mr. Samuel

The picture is old, but how can I not show it?

It is from Easter, on our way to see what the Easterbunny have left for us. Oh, the excitement.

The snowsuit was a compromise. He wanted a pink or a purple one. The sales clerk told him they were all sold out in his size. Is it wrong to lie?

I am all for equality, but not for risking buying something expensive that he might later change his mind about. I also put my foot down on the purple glittery sneakers.

This rainbow snowsuit though - he loves it. L.O.V. E. S.  I. T. It cost an arm and a leg - as in I got it for 40% off, and it was still twice as expensive as what I would normally pay.

But can I go back to the part there he LOVES IT?

And honestly, I love it too. He looks so bright and funky. He's like a flash of instant happiness.

He is a funny guy. Today he told me that he wanted to take ballet classes. Right after he begged me to write some more math problems for him to solve in his bed.

I guess I am going to be looking into ballet classes then. But no pink leotard ... or at least not with glitter on.

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