mandag den 5. august 2013


This year our vacation was pretty simple. Just a week away, but fortunately with the best possible weather and with great company.

We spend the week at my fathers house with my sister and my four stepsisters plus a husband. It was awesome.

Samuel made mega-bubbles. Seriously the best thing ever!

And we walked in the forrest where we picked raspberries. We had to leave Mike just outside the forrest as he was - and I quote "being attacked by insects". 

We had this for dessert one night. Fresh berries. So good.

Three times did we go to the beach, and we also sampled the local ice creams.

All in all a great summer vacation.

The only minus was that Mikes un-love for insects and his less than excitement for the hot weather seemed to have put a stop to our discussions on spending a few months in Bali, Indonesia. It is warm there, and they have pretty impressive bugs.

Discussions are now on another country, but everything else seems to pale compared to Bali.

But I am sure there is something else exciting just around the corner! Right?


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