søndag den 4. august 2013

I am actually hyperventilating

Magnus started kindergarten August 1st. He loved it. He didn't want to come home with me. He didn't look up when I left him. He was basicly in heaven.

Me? I am nearly having a heart attack, wondering what to do with my life now. I've been home with them the last 5½ years and now they will both be gone several hours four days a week. And that is time just for me.

I don't even know what to do with that time. I am sure I will think of something, but for now I will spend the next week doing whatever I feel like - and maybe, possibly hyperventilating.

And when I am done with that I guess a whole new world lies out there waiting for me ...

Which is pretty cool too.

And no pictures of the boys this time. When I got the camera out to take a "First day of kindergarden"-picture, they both screamed and ran away. I decided to let it be then. You gotta pick your battles!

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