mandag den 30. september 2013

Major milestones


We no longer have children that requires diapers. Nor any medicine to keep anything going the way it should.

But we do have a slightly cranky boy who is reluctantly showing us his rabbit tattoo? That face is one of his standard looks, by the way. It is normally followed by a loud "Nooo"!

But the rest of the time he is cute and cuddly and not quite too old ftor his mum kissing him silly!

And someone learned how to bike. One minute he was trying to climb the bike, which looked rather dangerous. The next minute (and 2 meters further along) he asked me to let go of the bike. I muttered to myself, "yeah, that is going to work really well" and I stood back waiting for the loud crash. And wondering how fast I could get our first-aid kit upstairs.

But no, the kid could bike! So off he went.

He just hadn't learned to brake yet.

But he appears to be some sort of ninja in training, so he has managed not to get a single scrape on the account yet.

Here he is doing "edible play dough" aka sugar paste for cake decorating. He loves it. All the colors and all - and the fact that he can eat it in the end makes it perfect for him.

mandag den 12. august 2013

Mr. Samuel

The picture is old, but how can I not show it?

It is from Easter, on our way to see what the Easterbunny have left for us. Oh, the excitement.

The snowsuit was a compromise. He wanted a pink or a purple one. The sales clerk told him they were all sold out in his size. Is it wrong to lie?

I am all for equality, but not for risking buying something expensive that he might later change his mind about. I also put my foot down on the purple glittery sneakers.

This rainbow snowsuit though - he loves it. L.O.V. E. S.  I. T. It cost an arm and a leg - as in I got it for 40% off, and it was still twice as expensive as what I would normally pay.

But can I go back to the part there he LOVES IT?

And honestly, I love it too. He looks so bright and funky. He's like a flash of instant happiness.

He is a funny guy. Today he told me that he wanted to take ballet classes. Right after he begged me to write some more math problems for him to solve in his bed.

I guess I am going to be looking into ballet classes then. But no pink leotard ... or at least not with glitter on.

onsdag den 7. august 2013

Moving around ...

Homegrown carrot. Yes, we are really that awesome!
Once more I have two blogs. This one where family and friends can stop by and adore our children, and then this one, where I will be blogging about food, cake, crafts and kitchen love. That will all be in Danish, but the pictures are for everyone : )

Feel free to stop by and look!


Several things happened these last few months. Magnus gave up his pacifier, he started kindergarden, and we started pottytraining.

I do not like pottytraining, but I do appreciate that we have a washing machine in our apartment. This picture was one that Samuel insisted that I take. He thought is was such a funny sight. But this is what happens when someone poohs in their bed. Maybe I should also have taken a picture of the newly washed floor and the bed that I scrubbed.

At least my house gets cleaned more when we pottytrain.

Fortunately Oliver, the monkey, and the sheep survived the wash with no problems at all.

mandag den 5. august 2013


This year our vacation was pretty simple. Just a week away, but fortunately with the best possible weather and with great company.

We spend the week at my fathers house with my sister and my four stepsisters plus a husband. It was awesome.

Samuel made mega-bubbles. Seriously the best thing ever!

And we walked in the forrest where we picked raspberries. We had to leave Mike just outside the forrest as he was - and I quote "being attacked by insects". 

We had this for dessert one night. Fresh berries. So good.

Three times did we go to the beach, and we also sampled the local ice creams.

All in all a great summer vacation.

The only minus was that Mikes un-love for insects and his less than excitement for the hot weather seemed to have put a stop to our discussions on spending a few months in Bali, Indonesia. It is warm there, and they have pretty impressive bugs.

Discussions are now on another country, but everything else seems to pale compared to Bali.

But I am sure there is something else exciting just around the corner! Right?


søndag den 4. august 2013

I am actually hyperventilating

Magnus started kindergarten August 1st. He loved it. He didn't want to come home with me. He didn't look up when I left him. He was basicly in heaven.

Me? I am nearly having a heart attack, wondering what to do with my life now. I've been home with them the last 5½ years and now they will both be gone several hours four days a week. And that is time just for me.

I don't even know what to do with that time. I am sure I will think of something, but for now I will spend the next week doing whatever I feel like - and maybe, possibly hyperventilating.

And when I am done with that I guess a whole new world lies out there waiting for me ...

Which is pretty cool too.

And no pictures of the boys this time. When I got the camera out to take a "First day of kindergarden"-picture, they both screamed and ran away. I decided to let it be then. You gotta pick your battles!

fredag den 17. maj 2013

Someone threw this out ...

The weather today was amazing, and while Magnus, two friends and me were sitting outside, I saw this!

Or well, okay, it didn't look like this when I found it. It was just a flat box, but it was just waiting to transformed into a little house.

And what a great little house it is. We all love it, and it holds all three Brandt Men.